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Is Your Husband Cheating On You?

When you think that your husband is having an affair, you begin looking for different signs of cheating. To find out if you have a cheating husband you may not need to hire an expensive private investigator nor invest in expensive surveillance equipment - as a beginner you should look for quite obvious signs of the cheating Spouse.

Below are the most common signs that your husband may be cheating on you. These signs should only be used as a tool to gauge your suspicions. You will want to investigate further to gain proof before speaking to them about the situation.

One of the easiest ways to see if he’s cheating on you is checking their computer or laptop. Now research finds that cheating spouses use their computer more often to communicate with the other cheater.

Below are some "Signs of a cheating husband" …FIND OUT NOW!

1.      When your husband suddenly begins to treat you extremely nice; more than the usual.

2.      When your husband does not want sex or makes excuses to not have sex.

3.      Arrives home smelling of perfume/cologne or another person's body.

4.      Begins to put distance between you or shows a lack of interest in what has been the routine with few, if any, excuses for the change in their behavior.

5.      When they will not allow you access to their computer or they suddenly shut down the computer when you walk into the room. They may give password protect their laptop or computer to keep out suspicious eyes. Or they stay up to "work" or "play a game" on the computer after you go to bed.

6.      Excessive use of internet, especially late at night, is a red flag.

7.      When he treats you abusively or with disrespect or may begin to find fault in everything you do in an attempt to justify his affair.

8.      When he goes straight into the shower or bath on arrival at home.

9.      When he has lipstick or strange hairs on his clothing or in the car. Finding strange numbers, condoms can also be clues. 

10.  When they begin to make requests or suggest wild play during sex which you have never done before. They may also show an increased interest in sex or sexual things.

11.  Breaks their routine at work and home for no logical reason.

12.  Becomes suddenly forgetful; thoughts are elsewhere.

13.  When your partner’s friends make complaint of sudden changes in his behavior.

14.  When you notice that they are reluctant to kiss you or accept your affection.

15.  When they ignore or criticize your affection.

16.  When you notice credit card charges for gifts (such as florist or jewelry) that you didn't receive.

17.  When they begin to make sudden and excessive purchases of clothes or an unexplained change in clothing style. Purchase of sexy underwear may be a hint.

18.  When you notice an unexplained increase in ATM withdrawals.

19.  When you notice an increased attention to losing weight or paying more attention to their appearance.

20.  Starts lying without a reason.

21.  When they begin to volunteer to go to the post office, rushes to check the mail before you do or perhaps without even telling you is a big clue.

22.  Gets mysterious phone calls or when they leave the room to talk on the phone.

23.  When they start exercising - going to the Gym, often at "odd" times.

24.  Spends an excessive amount of time on the computer when you are asleep.

25.  When they start to buy new clothes or jewelry for someone who is special for them.

26.  When they use a low voice or whisper on the phone or hangs up quickly.

27.  Coming home at odd times with no explanation.

28.  When they set up a separate cell phone account that is billed to their office.

29.  Suddenly your husband starts to try new love techniques.

30.  Suddenly wants more sex, more often.

31.  When your husband doesn’t pay attention in the home activities or is away from home at nights on trips, more than previously.

32.  Your husband doesn't seem interested in "you". There's always something else to do rather than "talk"!

33.  There are changes in wake up time and sleeping times.

34.  When he insists or tells to keep the toys of child away from the car.

If you are suspicious you can hire a private investigator but even before that it’s better to consult an attorney.


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Is Your Husband Cheating On You?
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