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Understanding the Bail Enforcement Process

Bail enforcement seems to be a booming business for reality television shows.

Bail enforcement seems to be a booming business for reality television shows. Who can blame the producers? There is excitement, drama and a touch of possible violence that all comes together in one attractive package.

However, the bail bond business is not as glamorous as the television shows make them appear. A good majority of clients actually do not skip out on their bail. Perhaps before you make up your mind on such shows as "Dog the Bounty Hunter," you may want to get some information on how the whole process works.

Here is how a bail bond process works. The bond is set by the court and you have to post a bond in order to get out of jail until the court date. If you do not have the full amount of the bond, then you will need a bail agency that can pay the amount, or rather guarantee the amount.

The bond is met by the bail bond agents and you have to pay around ten percent to the agency. A court date is set and you are expected to show up on your court date. If you fail to show, then it is forfeited and suddenly you are in more hot water.

Once you fail to appear, a warrant is issued for your arrest. The bail bond agent wants to recover their money, so they send out a person who specializes in bail enforcement.

This is the bounty hunter whose goal is to find you and bring you back to jail. They have to follow the law, but sometimes have more rights against you than even a police officer has because you signed away many of your rights when you signed the bond agreement.

The bounty hunter must be licensed to work in the particular state where they are chasing you. They absolutely must follow the laws or they risk jail time themselves.

If you would like to become a bounty hunter, then you will need some actual on the job experience if you want to avoid placing yourself in danger. There is danger involved because some people know that they will go to prison and are determined to run and stay free.

The National Association of Bail Enforcement Agents may be what you need if you want to become a bail enforcement agent. The website, "Nabea" is a great place to find material and information on local classes that can help you to become a licensed bounty hunter/bail agent. You may never get your own reality show but at least you can know that you are helping out people.

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